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Women's Auxiliary of the Christiansburg Fire Company

On September 24, 1951, the first Women's Auxiliary meeting of the Christiansburg Fire Company was called to order with 19 answering the roll call.  The Auxiliary has proved to be a valuable asset to the department.  They have served refreshments when many hours were required of the fireman and their financial assistance has been outstanding.  To date the Women's Auxiliary has donated over $100,000. 

Some highlights of the Women's Auxiliary:

First Ice Cream Social in 1954

August 1954-Purchased an overhead door in the truck building

September 1954-Pot Luck Dinner and entertainment for the fireman and their families on the 5th Monday night.  Bought tile for the building and finished kitchen.

First Turkey Raffle and Auction (held by the men), with a Turkey Supper by the auxiliary in November 1954

First Chicken and Noodle Supper in October 1954

In May 1955 held a Bake Sale to raise funds to start a Little League in town. Purchased 2 wire cutters, shovel, air masks and ladders.

Auxiliary served a meal for the August 1955 meeting of the Central Western Fire Association.

In May 1956, it was decided to make our own Ice Cream for the social.

March 1957-Decided to change the Spring Supper from a BBQ Chicken Dinner to a Smorgasbord Dinner with a Annual Bazaar and a Square Dance at 8:00 pm that evening.  Before the square dance occurred, it was found that a square dance was illegal in the village.  The dance was later performed at the school auditorium.

April 1957-Plans were reviewed for the new 30' x 14' kitchen.

In September 1958 was asked to assist Casstown Fire Department with starting a Women's Auxiliary.

December 1959-held a special dinner at the Top Hat restaurant in St Paris in honor of their 100th meeting.  This is the start of the annual Christmas Dinner for Auxiliary members.

September 1960-Pancake Supper featuring Aunt Jemima serving pancakes.

June 1962-Gave $2,000 towards a new truck building.

October 1963-ordered 12 new tables with Formica tops for the firehouse at a cost of $463.60

December 1964-Several women started taking first aid classes.

April 1966-Plan to get a trailer from the Coca-Cola company to serve at the Miami County Fair.

In August 1966-discussed plans to purchase a truck to serve sales (auctions) out of.

October 1966-gave $2,000 towards a new heating system for the building.

November 1966-Sent Christmas boxes overseas to family members in the armed services-Roger and Max Littlejohn, Max Deaton, Donnie Ross, Mike and Lawrence Sullenberger.

February 1968-Removed the garage door from the front of the building and blocked it in.  Purchased a new steam table and 4 sets of gear (helmet, coat, boots for $60.00 each)

October 1968-Voted to remodel the inside of the building and install a drop ceiling and new lights.

September 1969-Gave money to the men for the planter, flag pole, flag & fire extinguishers in the new building.

March 1970-Purchased a step van truck from Covington Fire Department for $250.00

May 1970-Assisted St Paris Fire Dept. to start a women's auxiliary.

February 1971-started selling knives as a fundraiser, and continue today.

November 1971-Gave $1,000 towards the purchase of a new ambulance.

August 1972-Purchased 6 sets of gear-helmet, coat and boots.

March 1973-Purchased a Rescue Anne for first aid training.

February 1974-Purchased air packs.

November 1974-Purchased truck from Chris Gundolf for serving sales (auctions) from.

March 1976-Gave $100.00 to the Junior Fire Dept. to cover insurance costs.

June 1976-Decided to stop serving at the Miami County Fair

July 1976-Town Bicentennial-Hade a float with the men, sold pizza at the park, sold minute man badges in town.

October 1976-Gave $1,000 towards the purchase of a new fire truck.

April 1979-Purchased door opener.

April 1980-Agreed to work with just 2 auctioneers for sales.

May 1980-Purchased 1 air pack.

February 1981-Gave $1,000 to the men for equipment.

August 1983-Gave $2,000 to the men for the purchase of radio pagers

December 1986-Gave $1,500 to the men for the purchase of Fire Hose and Gloves.

June 1988-Purchased a TV and VCR for training.

October 1989-decided to stop serving sales out of the truck.  The truck was sold later.

November 1989-Purchased 24 sets of gear for the men-Helmet, Coat, Pants, Hoods, Suspenders and Boots for $14,000

July 1991-Started discussions on remodeling the building.

March 1993-Special joint fire department meeting to discuss remodeling the building.  A joint work weekend with the men in May to tear off the roof.

November 1993-Held the first supper in the new building

September 1998-50th anniversary of the fire department-Purchased sign on the building, served the first car show, served refreshments for the open house on Sunday 9-28-1998

December 2000-Purchased air conditioning for the building.

Not all of their proceeds from their hard work have gone to the fire department or themselves.  Other recipients of their Good Will are the Ruth Lyons Christmas Fund, meals for several families, supported our departments service members with boxes of goodies, fire victims, town Christmas and needy community members.

Funds were accumulated by many years of catering public auctions, serving dinners such as spring smorgasbords, ice cream socials, chicken and pork chop barbecues, turkey and ham dinners, knife sales, dishcloths, operating lemon shake stands and funnel cake stands.

This was all possible with the help and support of the fireman and community members.

The following are a listing of past, present and original members:

Cindy Adams Marjorie Bair Pauline Bateson Pat Bell *
Kate Bright *# Marilyn Brown Marjorie Carl # Cheryl Coffey
Pauline Collins *# Karen Davis Cora Davidson *# Maxine Davidson *#
Laura Floss Vera Fries * Lucie Furrow # Sherrie Garver @
Lori Zimmerman Goldstein Evelyn Gosnell Elizabeth Grieser * Cheryl Grube
Marjorie Grube *# Peggy Hazelwood @ Mary Hines * Pam Hoey @
Jane Jenkins Carol Johnson * Laura Kaffenbarger Cheryl Kaffenbarger
Dot Littlejohn *# Lucille Littlejohn *# Marilyn Littlejohn @ Lois Markley #
Penney Matthews Virginia Mills *# Carolyn Mitchell @ Barbara Montjoy
Shirley Mott Hazel Mumford *# Connie Niday Lois Penny #
Mary Randall *# Gertrude Robinson Donna Ross Rillie See
Eleanor Shell *# Ethel Shook * Rebecca Shook Evelyn Snipes
Esther Zerkle Stephans *# Miriam Stitzel Betty Stone *# Maxine Sullenberger @
Mary Terrel *# Ilma Thompson * Tammy Welty @ Vannie Westerman *#
Wanda Westerman *# Beulah Wiant *# Bea Wilson *# Marilyn Zimmerman Woods
Bonnie Zerkle Mary Lee Zerkle @ Helen Zimmerman *#  


#-In attendance at the first meeting in September 1951

@-Current Members



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