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We are not positive, but we think our ambulance service started from talking and working with the Troy Emergency Crew at the Hobart Arena.  Before an ambulance was purchased, our chief, assistant chief and some other members looked at a 1936 Ford Ambulance in Urbana Ohio.  At a special meeting on July 28, 1958, Delbert Davidson made a motion and seconded by Bud Drum to buy for $425 a 1950 Henney Packard from Superior Coach.  When we purchased the Packard it was housed along side the 1948 Chevy Pumper in the west bay of the old fire house.  After the meeting building was purchased the ambulance was stored in this area that had the overhead door.  We used the same ambulance cot that came with the Packard ambulance until July 1995.

The first years of the ambulance service was really just a transportation service.  The ambulance squad had no training until 1960.  Then 7 or 8 members went to a Red Cross First Aid class taught by a Mr. Cook at the old fire house in St Paris.  In the years to follow, we had several advanced Red Cross classes with the instructor generally being Earl Good from the Troy Emergency Crew.  Many training classes followed taught by various instructors in various locations.  In 1978 11 or 12 members were in the first EMT class taught in our area, the teacher was Jim Oldham from Springfield.  Over the years thousands of hours have been spent in training classes by members of the squad. 


Today we offer some of the latest technology available to EMT's, such as Lifepak 15 with 12 lead capability and waveform capnography, Stryker Power-Cot, CPAP breathing assistance, intravenous fluids and advanced drug administration.  We have EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Paramedics available.  All members are certified by the State of Ohio Division of EMS as well as several members holding registry thru the National Registry of EMT's.  In addition, 1 member is an Emergency Medical Services Instructor which enable them to teach continuing education hours under our CEU Certification issued by the State Division of EMS and we have 3 members certified as CPR Instructors.  We utilize the Greater Miami Valley Emergency Medical Services Council protocols and drug bag for our annual competency testing.





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