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The fire department has our meeting room available for rental for events such as reunions, receptions and meetings.  Contact Asst Chief Mike Sullenberger at 937-857-9560 or here for more information.


The rules for the building rental is as follows:

1.  NO SMOKING - There is to be no smoking in the building at any time.  This includes the kitchen, social room, restrooms, and the foyer.


3.  The use of Kitchen is limited to:

        use of sinks

        use of refrigerator

        use of microwave

        use of electrical outlets in kitchen area

4.  No one is allowed to use any of the items in the kitchen cabinets

5.  No one is allowed to use the stove or steam table.

6.  Decorating is permitted, providing that it has been approved by the Building Representative and are removed after use.


1.  All trash containers are to be emptied, bag liner secured and placed outside behind the building in the cage. A new liner placed in container. Liners are kept in the kitchen under the shelf at back door.

2.  Make sure the floors are kept clean - Use good judgment.  Brooms, dustpan, dust mop, mops and the mop bucket are located in the Boiler Room.

3.  Heat is turned back to 55 degrees.

4.  Restrooms are checked. Be sure the toilets and the urinal is flushed. Be sure the lights are on automatic position.

5.  All windows and doors are shut and locked before leaving the building.

The rental charge should be paid on or before the rental date.  The rental dates are on a first come-first served basis.







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