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Christiansburg Junior Fire Department

The Christiansburg Junior Fire Department was started in August 1975 and has been a helping hand to the fire department since.  The "Juniors" could and did help at fires and helped fill tank trucks when the tankers came back to town for water.  They helped clean the fire house, fire equipment, events and fundraisers.  The Juniors have had their own fundraisers as well such as car washes and helping at the duck race.  Most of the juniors have moved onto the fire department when they turned 18 years old.  Over the years the roster changed, the most juniors at one time was 10 in the late 70's and early 80's.  Following is a listing of juniors that have served and assisted the fire department (in alphabetical order):

Coada Bible Eric Johnson Spencer Shook
Elizabeth Bodey Kevin Johnson Ricky Sinclair
Jennifer Bodey Kathy Kaffenbarger Jeff Snipes
Jeff Coffey Gaby Kendig Todd Sullenberger
Mike Coffey Bill Kidder Justin Tyler
Stacy Coffey Matt Kindell Greg Ulrich
Jake Coverstone Katie Knight Derrick Walling
Brandon Dankworth Brandon Lavy Lindsey Warner
Danielle Davis Amy Littlejohn Anthony Welty
Branden Deel Vince Littlejohn Dan Welty
Doug Drum Kent Markley Jacob Welty
Jake Evans Phillip Mitchell Amanda Williamson
Zach Fuller Ronnie Mitchell Daniell Wimmer
Abbie Hanselman Mike Mittlebeeler Sean Wyan
Eric Heckman Devan Powell Trent Zerkle
Chad Hoey Jonny Shook Lynn Zimmerman



This is not a complete listing as records have been lost over the years.  We are always looking for interested youths aged 13 thru 18 to join the junior fire department. 



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